Ye Who Enter – Blogging 101

Ye who enter must beware

This ship floats on your despair…


A skeleton of the Captain’s mate

Ushers me on to seal my fate.

In his care a map he keeps

Directions to the life I’ll reap.

The ghastly crew awaits their orders

As I realize there’s no other boarders.

A silhouette of the grand old ship

Sets out on its ghostly trip.

I watch the dock – the water quakes

A chill in the air – I start to shake…

The Captain’s voice rings out like thunder

Come with me and go down under!

This ship sails for an isle so grim

We want your life, your soul within.

Hopes and dreams we’re here to smash

That’s why we sail this sea so vast.

I fall down hard upon my knees

My chest so tight, I cannot breath.

Seeing visions of the world I had

Maybe it wasn’t all that bad.

A foggy night, on the sea so black

Now I know why I can’t go back…

This wench drinks from the salty ocean

I chose to live without love and devotion.


Ye who entered on your own

This ship now will be your home

Forever bound you shall roam

With a heart that turned to stone


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