Time Is Ticking Away

Will there be time to live your life, without toil – without strife…

Time to smell the Daisies in bloom – Time to erase the hatred and gloom.

Will there be time to fulfill your dreams, to sit beside a flowing blue stream…

Time to see the sun rise up high – Time to feel the warmth deep inside.

Will there be time to accept the love, sent to you from the heavens above…

Time to watch the birds as they fly – Time to enjoy the clouds in the sky.

Will there be time in your busy day, to fall on your knees, bow your head, and to pray…

Time to ask forgiveness for all you’ve done – Time to thank the lord for the blessings he brung.

Will there be time?


9 thoughts on “Time Is Ticking Away

    1. Thanks, hope you are doing better – seen where you was at the hospital. I just got home from Mayo in Jacksonville, was there with my daughter having tests ran. Three days, I’m as tired as she is!


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