Fight or Flight

I’ve lived in this house for many a year

How shameful it was to live in the fear.

The constant torment when you were near

Watching you drown in liquor and beer…

     Once – long ago I shed a few tears

     Seeing my emotions all disappear

No one to talk with, you sure wasn’t there

I was slowly sinking into a world of despair.

You never noticed, not a sign that you cared

This kind of existence didn’t seem quite fair…

     So I withheld my love – it was undeclared

     My old heart just couldn’t be repaired

I’ve sat alone for most of my life

Trying to be the good little wife.

The empty feelings, the lonely nights

Could have ended with the tip of a knife…

     Instead of walking in the afterlife

     I now live my days in fight or flight



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