All Shook Up?

How do you explain something you can’t see…This dreaded feeling – ANXIETY.

The heart is racing – sweat drips down

Your mind is whirling all around.

Your hands grow numb – limbs are shaky

Your hot, your cold – and oh so achy.

There is no sleep – the mind won’t stop

The turmoil has the gut in knots.

You can’t relax – you can’t sit still

Full blown PANIC, that’s what you feel.

Those around you might not relate… You’re like a horse busting from the starting gate.


Elvis described it as Love – I say it’s Anxiety!  (Mm mm oh, oh, yeah, yeah)


2 thoughts on “All Shook Up?

  1. Aaah anxiety a scary thing. I love the Elvis song have not heard that for a long time. I love when bloggers add video and i get to listen to songs i have forgotten and now “I am all shook up oooh o yeah yeah” .

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  2. I have experienced a lot of anxiety over the years and it is no fun. It is wonderful to have a place to share these experiences. It makes them a little less scary when we know others have been there as well. Great post!

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