Depression Glass

With a sip of coffee still hot in my mouth, I plop down on a soft leather couch

Staring through the clear clean glass, my mind is fading – there’s peace at last …

I hold a shell in my left hand, while walking barefoot in the warm wet sand.

The breeze is cool, I taste a hint of salt – wind blows the foam as it floats aloft.

The  sapphire sea is calm at last, small curling waves hit the shore with a crash.

Squinting eyes, crossed arms on my chest, I watch a golden ball sink in the west.

I thought I heard a sizzle, as rain starts to drizzle – Oh what a beautiful sunset!

My wandering mind comes back to me, there is no breeze or aqua sea

I shake my head and wipe a tear – I’m right back in the world I fear

A lonely bridge with a walking path – that’s all I see through depression glass.

bridge path


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