The Mighty Mississippi-Home Sweet Home

The stubborn old man swells beyond his banks

Pushing through levees like a sick little prank.

Raging waters take all in its path

Splitting and dissecting like Geometry in Math.

He sterilizes then cleanses the land in his wake

Revenge the motive, for what the people did take.

You stole from each other, you sold yourselves out

The ruins of your homes still scattered about.

Farms unattended, the hills have been raped

You polluted and poisoned a beautiful lake.

No hunting the fields for that bounty of geese

That once fed your families, and kept off the beast.

With the gossip and scandal, cheating and lies

He flows down beside you watching a community die.

As generational curses still show their sign

The great “Father of Waters “will take back in time.


Check out this video by Evan Webb and the Rural Route Ramblers about Southern Illinois, it is dead on with my poem.  I spent my childhood in all the small towns shown in the background




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